Our company is an artisan company that deals with the production of sofas, beds, sofa beds, and modular. For years, we offer to our customers, our way of interpreting the production of furniture accessories, in fact, every single item is handmade and is customized both in terms of forms, both in terms of comfort.

Our adventure began in the seventies in a small shop in the heart of the Brianza Lissone, and continues today with the new generation in Biassono, with a different outfit with a new way to interface to our customers, but with the same spirit and the desire to manually build a "thing" well done.

The materials we use, must always pass by a careful selection by our staff, in fact I upholsterers and seamstresses who work within the company, observe critically leathers and fabrics before each individual performance in order to ensure a 'excellent quality and customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy is to be a fair compromise between craftsmanship and design, performing every single artifact, with the passion and taste can convey to those who come to us;

because the sofa is not just a piece of furniture, it is the place where you think, where you love, where you take a moment in complete tranquility detaching from reality



Why get rid of a couch that has several years of life , just because the linings are worn by time or because the pads have lost their shape ?

Thanks to a wide range of fabrics and leathers , we can restore life to any kind of piece of furniture to which you are particularly fond of , and that you will not replace , but with our help you can give him a new look . We will guide you in choosing the materials and maintaining them over time , in order to guarantee a service always up to your expectations.


The realization of a sofa with standard measures is often not in line with the specific characteristics that the customer wants , especially in terms of forms and proportions measures , in fact, the customer who comes to us has the ability to change at will on her couch , bed or chair as best prefer to ensure that it is the most fitting as possible to their needs in terms of comfort and personality. If the sofa you want is printed on an image or picture , we have a chance to play it for you , making the changes you want to apply on your artifact . This is made possible by the manual acquired over the years and experience in the sector .

But how it is made a sofa ? What makes it unique? How a sofa is different from others ?

His soul is without a doubt the solid wooden frame which is studied during the design phase , in fact you use a wood that can withstand the countless variations to which it is subjected during the long years . An apparatus of elastic straps are applied and twisted on the base, which then will have to support the cushions of the seats .

The straps are a mix of many materials , including the rubber and the nylon and the cacci˘ often and usually are braided to ensure a kind of springing.

Then the rubber sheets are pasted on wooden structure to make the soft sofa can touch .

Not to be underestimated are the inserts of the cushions which have a core of polyurethane foam with different densities , and a feather quilt certified by Assopiuma and sterilized , to foster a sense of softness and enveloping when you are comfortably seated or lying often happens .

Countless are the fabrics that you can choose for your sofa , from plain cottons to yarns like linen and mixed linen .

wide variation of twisted yarns with multiple colors will satisfy 100 % your needs and match with the rest . For the United Kingdom and the supply contract in fireproof version tissues in class M1 .

Certainly the details are what make a single sofa and perfectly fitting with the tastes of every single person , from the wide range of pins that we can apply to your sofas and especially of any kind of material, messello wood, chrome or brushed steel , plastic coated . Another significant element is the seams that make an elegant sofa .




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